China-Korea Joint Ocean Research Center (CKJORC) was established in Qingdao on 12 May 1995, being as the marine cooperation platform under Ministry of Natural Resources(MNR) of the People's Republic of China(PRC) and Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries(MOF) of the Republic of Korea(ROK). CKJORC aims at expanding cooperation between both countries in various marine fields, jointly improving marine science and technology, protecting marine environment, and promoting the sustainable use of marine resources.
  Since 1995, serving as a bridge and bond between China and ROK, CKJORC has pushed the initiation and implementation of China-Korea marine scientific and technological cooperative projects, held academic meetings with various topics, promoted the communication between scientists of both sides and cultural exchanges, and greatly enhanced mutual understanding and friendship between the people of both countries.
Three key roles of CKJORC
1. The Secretariat of China-Korea Joint Committee on Cooperation in Marine Science and Technology
  Serving as the secretariat of China-Korea Joint Committee on Cooperation in Marine Science and Technology, we solicit and determine the subjects of the Joint Committee. Authorized by the Joint Committee, we provide supervision, assistance and management for implementing decisions made by the Joint Committee. We also work as the medium to promote the exchanges and cooperation between China and ROK marine-related institutes.
2. Marine information sharing
  We collect and share the latest marine information and reports of both sides with all, providing a platform for better mutual understanding.
3. Development and enhancement of marine cooperation between China and ROK
  We facilitate and participate in China-Korea marine cooperation and other international cooperative programs; organize China-Korea workshops on issues of common interests; encourage exchanges and cooperation between research institutes and administrative departments of two countries; and promote the commercialization of science and technology achievements.
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